Tree Surgery Services in Worcester

James Grove Ltd are a dedicated tree surgery company operating in Worcester and the West Midlands area. We offer both professional commercial and domestic tree surgery. We have considerable experience in the area of dangerous tree work / difficult locations and we employ specialised platform equipment such as cranes, cherry pickers and spider platforms to minimize potential risks and the impact on the local environment. We understand the joys and concerns that owning trees can bring, and endeavour to improve the lives and gardens of our customers by swiftly dealing with any tree related issues.

Our arborists are all highly trained in their trade and adhere to the strictest safest standards, so clients can rest assured that their request will be carried out without a hitch. The safety of our staff and clients is our absolute top priority, and our long history of successfully working in tricky areas and conditions is testament to this. What’s more, we’re comprehensively insured and all of our customers are protected by our £2.5 million public liability insurance and we are fully compliant with current Health & Safety legislation.

Arborists with Cutting edge techniques and impeccable attention to detail

Tree surgery WorcesterAs many of our clients are acutely aware, tree removal is an incredibly complicated and dangerous process which should only be taken on by a fully qualified tree surgeon. To make sure we adhere to the latest standards and processes within our particular sector, we use specially designed platform equipment such as cherry pickers and cranes in order to keep accidents at bay and to protect the surrounding local environment.

No problem too big or small

We work with a diverse range of customers who often have a diverse range of tree surgery concerns. Whether your garden features a small, decorative tree or is virtually a forest, we can help. Before getting started on work, our excellent team will conduct a full survey and inspection of the site in question, and fully brief the client on the processes that are involved. For those hoping to get work done within a conservation area or somewhere protected by a tree preservation order (TPO), we are more than happy to use our knowledge and experience in the industry to obtain the requisite consent from a local planning authority.

The types of services that we offer

We offer a range of different services to help clients make the most of their trees, and are more than happy to discuss service options over the phone. Some of the main tasks we undertake include:

Pruning and shaping

Worcester tree surgeryHealthy-looking trees and hedges tend to be achieved by regularly trimming and pruning, and occasional reshaping. Our arborists are often able to show off their artistic side by the skill with which they can reshape trees. What’s more, we are happy to establish a regular pruning slot with our clients if they would like to commit to repeat visits.

Crown reduction and thinning

This technique is primarily to serve those whose trees restrict the amount of light reaching certain areas of their gardens or rooms in their properties. It is a simple and effective solution that involves trimming off a number of small branches to even out and reduce the spread of the foliage crown. Sometimes the height of the tree is also brought down. Clients hoping to enlist our tree surgeons for this service can rest assured that we make every effort to retain the tree’s natural beauty, sometimes even making it more beautiful than before.

Removal and disposal of old trees

We understand that old trees may be an eyesore for some of our customers, and are more than happy to conduct complete removals and disposals. Clients can be assured that we take every possible step to ensure that we dispose of trees ethically and responsibly.

Woodchip suppliers

Woodchips are a great addition to any garden, providing a decorative touch for paths and, a natural solution to troublesome weeds. We provide high-quality wood chips at a bargain price.

Garden equipment hire

We have a wide range of garden equipment for hire including chippers and mechanical hoists. Our prices are some of the lowest on the market, without compromising on quality or safety. Indeed, all of our equipment hire comes with a fully qualified operator.

Minimizing our environmental impact

Before we start any tree surgery job we will inspect the site and carry out a survey. If any of the trees are within a conservation area or protected by a TPO, prior consent from the local planning authority would be required and we can assist with this process.

Do you need at tree surgeon in Worcester? We can offer:

  • Safe , efficient removal of large, dead or dangerous trees
  • Crown reduction and thinning
  • Formative pruning and reshaping
  • Hoist and chipper hire, with qualified operator
  • Free quotations
  • Supply of woodchips or bark

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